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Family documentary photography (or family storytelling) is the honest way of telling the story of your family. It is a way of capturing all the details happening in your life with a camera. 

Family documentary photography is not posed photography, where you stress about getting matching outfits for the whole family, or try hard for your kids to "behave". It's a way more relaxed way to be a family and to see family life at its best. It is a relaxed way of capturing the beauty of who you are.

This is how we want to remember our lives in pictures. We want to feel again the intimacy, the funny little things, the connections, all what makes us truly ourselves. These sessions are perfect for that.

For inquiries about family documentary photography packages and info  contact

During the 2021 COVID-19 pandemic, Amanda donates part of every booking receipt to impacted Peruvian non-profits working on gender-based violence, sexual reproductive health and vulnerable population.

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