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Amanda (she/her) was born in Lima, Peru in 1977 to an Andean woman and a city man, and lives today in Maryland, USA. In the years between she has lived in many countries, among a variety of cultures, but stays connected to her indigenous roots.

She is a research biologist and an award-winning documentary and portrait photographer, working on artistic and documentary projects as well as taking on commissions for businesses, non-profit organizations, and family clients. Among her professional works are family documentaries, environmental portraits, and visual stories of businesses.

She uses photography and mixed media tools for her personal projects exploring identity, immigration, and the complex emotional makeup of “home,” in part to deepen and dissolve conventional representations. Her current work investigates her indigenous roots, family history, motherhood and intimacy among women suffering from and negotiating with postpartum depression.

She is at the same time always documenting her life with her own family, her self-exploration as a new mother, and her cultural identity as a well-rounded traveller and immigrant to the USA.

As a documentary photographer, her major emphasis is on loosening the grip of staged, “beautiful,” conventional, and idealized representations, allowing people to see more clearly and fully into the world around them.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amanda donates part of every booking receipt to impacted Peruvian non-profits mainly focusing on gender-based violence, reproductive health and vulnerable population.

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